Electronic Cards

Don’t have time to ship a card? Get an e-card instead for an instant or scheduled delivery!

You can purchase an electronic greeting card to be sent directly to a special girl via email. It’s fast, simple and easy!

We all get busy, and during these busy moments, we can often easily forget how quickly a special occasion or holiday is approaching. Or, we find out it’s a big day—on the big day. No worries! You can still tell her, “You Go, Girl!” no matter how last-minute it may be. 

All e-cards are ONLY $2.50! With the $2 savings, you are helping us reduce our carbon footprint, and for that, we thank you! In fact, Mother Nature also thanks you! 

What you’ll need:

The recipient’s name and email address, along with your message to her.


  • Never miss sending a beautiful card on time. 
  • Save on postage and a trip to the post office.
  • Make sure your most important wishes get there on time!
  • It’s easy to send an online greeting card safely, securely and within minutes … all from the comfort of home.